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Zsolt “Ganfi12” Kovács

Manager of Nomad Gaming, who has been playing with Gwent since the Closed Beta of 2017. Organized countless tournaments in different esports, and likes to play RPGs and co-op games in his free time.
Favorite faction: SK, SY
Other roles: Webpage designer, content creator


Gergő “takikiraly” Takács

After playing The Witcher series, he deep-dived into Gwent (called Gwynt at the time). This is the only card game that he has been playing, as a matter of fact, since the Open Beta. A competitor in heart, who is always on Pro Rank and finishes in the top 500 players in the Gwent Masters seasons.
Besides the virtual playground, he is an ace in the county football tournament.
Favorite faction: NG, MO
Other roles: streamer


Darius “StRs” Búz D.

Started playing Gwent when the Open Beta took off. He was mesmerized by the game instantly, and he became one of those few who played the Witcher games only after playing the card game. A fundamentally competitive player, whose main goal is to develop constantly, and become more and more successful in the game.
Favorite faction: SY


Ákos “subitron” Kulcsár

Gwent started during the summer of 2020 as a casual relaxing time when his 2 lovely daughters let him have some free time. A few weeks later, he was enamored with the game, and his enthusiasm has been unbroken since. You can meet him on the Pro Rank in each season, but building decks is more important to him than the ladder. You can be sure that he is bringing some exciting homebrew decks to tournaments as well.
Other roles: graphics designer


Máté “Count-Dooku” Csontos

Leaving Hearthstone in 2017, he has been playing Gwent since the beginnings. 2020 summer was the turning point, when he upped the ante, and has been attending numerous tournaments since then. He aims to be a better and more effective player, reaching higher positions on the ladder and in tournaments as well.
Football, basketball and the trumpet: these make Count-Dooku complete…and Star Wars too, but this might not count as a surprise.
Favorite faction: NR.
Other roles: creating YouTube videos, writing articles



She was hooked to the world of the game and the Witcher universe at the beginning of 2021, which she started to map slowly inspired by Gwent. She got the hang of Gwent’s fun side quite quickly, and since then she delights her opponents on the Pro Rank with clog or her meme decks.
Favorite faction: ST


Gergely “BAKERHUN” Kiss

He became familiar with the game when it was released on Android at the end of March 2020 – after completing the Witcher 3 – and fell in love for the first sight. He is a Pro Rank player since May 2020, and although for a long time his main source of fun was building decks and relaxing, his ambitions grew bigger and now wants to compete at the highest levels.
The remaining time of his life consists of football, university, work and loved ones.
Favorite faction: NR
Other roles: content creation, writing articles

Social media manager

Péter “Maci” Irimiás

Maci (Bear in translation) has been interested in the world of the Witcher for a long time, but started playing Gwent on a more serious note only since 2020. Dedicated to the success of the team, and his goal is to be a competitor in international tournaments. An all-time fan of board games and pen-and-paper RPGs, what’s more, he is an active dungeon master of The Witcher TRPG.
Other roles: streamer.



He realised that he likes Gwent when he spent most of his time in Novigrad (in the Witcher 3) looking for opponents for a round of Gwent. Dkeszti started playing in March 2020, and this is his one and only CCG. A competitive player, finishing most of the time in the top 200 of the Masters Seasons, aiming to develop constantly, and perhaps get into a Gwent Open as well.
An aerospace engineer in his private life, he likes to play basketball but open to many other games too.
Favorite faction: SY



LordGarmadon has been an avid fan of sci-fi and fantasy since his childhood, but has been playing video games only occassionally in the most recent years. Gwent also started as a casual source of fun next to his two sons, when it became available on iOS. Time passed by, and he became a stable player of the Pro Rank, with the goal of staying in there and participating in tournaments.
As a huge supporter of the team, he funded the creation of the web page and manages it in his free time.


Péter “Mephi” Piedl

He has been playing with Gwent since the Open Beta, but has played with other CCGs earlier: Hearthstone, Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and has some commendable past in Magic the Gathering as well, in which he was a contestant to be reckoned with. He is still playing a lot, but his position on the ladder is not as important as it used to be.
His goal is to present interesting stories from the world of the Witcher, as he loves the books, comics and the series as well.
Favorite faction: NG


Tamás “askformore77” Vitár

Askformore77 has been playing Gwent since the Open Beta, and started playing it more seriously recently (appr. 3 years ago). His minimum goal each season is to get to Pro Rank, however, using not netdecks but his own creations; he enjoys creating his homebrew decks and discovering and using new and lesser known mechanics.
Creativity in Gwent is of utmost importance to him as the game provides an opportunity to create something new, and if it is successful on top of that, then it’s a really marvellous feeling.
Favorite faction: SK


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